Vizio M-Series vs Vizeo P-Series 4k TV for Medical Imaging

In today’s world it is very important to keep ourselves updated with The technology. The market is full of world – class digital TVs from many companies. If you are also planning to buy a new digital TV this year, then you must look for televisions by The company name Vizio. Quality and budget are The two things which are kept in mind while purchasing The TV and Vizio TVs comply with both The things perfectly. Vizio’s high production standards TV accompanied with style and innovation are the perfect choice of consumers now-a-days. The latest technology at very genuine price has been made possible for the Vizio.

The company earlier known as V Inc has changed its name to Vizio but The quality of The TVs has remained The same. The largest LCD TV seller of North America, Vizio, majorly concentrate on flat panel TVs. Vizio’s television sets come in 3 series i.e. E series, M series and P series. All these 3 series have outstandingrange of TVs to choose from. There is one more series known as reference series which caters high dynamic range of 4K ultra high definition TVs. This series is exclusive for The selected few who love to have everything big. The series have 120” and 65” inch display. The high definition TVs of The series are amazingly well.


Though The 3 main TV series are good but M and P series have gathered more customers due to their wide display and latest technology. Vizio M series is a step up from E-series models and has been rated The best amongst all The TVs due to its picture quality and price. The new M series are faster 4K Ultra HD TV with all The new smart TV innovations. The most awe-inspiring M-series TV delivers powerful performance, beautiful design and UHD picture quality. M-series TV caters 43″, 49″, 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″, 70″, 75″, 80″ screen size with a powerful processor. The new M series sets keep the full-array local dimming and has up to 32 active LED zones. The ultra-upscaling, passive 3D quality,, excellent deep black levels,shadow detail, fast processing, pure cinema engine are some of The other outstanding features of The series.

Vizio P- series TVs are nearly identical to M-series one. The screen size P –series caters is 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″, and 70″. The features and picture quality of all 4K Ultra HD TV of The series is good and similar to M series one. The main difference between The series lies in The number of dimming zones, active LED zone, clear action rate, refresh rate and pricing. The Vizio P series has up to 72 active LED zones, clear action rate is up to 960 and refresh rate of 240 Hz is constant in all TVs of The series. The price range of The series starts from $999.99 whereas The M-series starts from $329.99.

Though The P –series is higher than M-series but still people prefer to purchase M –series due to its price and good quality. Vizio is delivering The top quality TV at reasonable price. The company has become the top selling brand of flat panel HDTVs in North America.

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Innovations in Medicine

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Ever since the very dawn of our civilization, we’ve had people whose task was healing other people and making them feel better when they get sick. With the advancements in our civilization, there came advancements in our medicine, and the people whose task was healing other people found new ways of doing that, and new tools that could help them with that task. Further down the line, this advancement led to the establishment of real medicine as we know it today, and this field of science is what we need to thank for millions and millions of people healed throughout the years.

This modern medicine is not without its flaws, and it is clear that it needs to be advanced even more. And as we speak, there are people who deal with this, and could help the medicine reach new limits. They are responsible for the faster and safer healing, and it is thanks to them that today we have some of these advances in our medicine.

We all know that melanoma can be very dangerous and even deadly, and in order to know which moles we have are dangerous and which are not, we used to have to undergo a surgery or a biopsy. Nowadays, doctors have a new tool that does a multispectral analysis of the morphology of our tissue, and that can decide which moles are dangerous for you, and which of them are not. Thanks to this dandy tool, we can get an answer rather fast, and will not have to undergo any surgeries.

stethoscopeSome people suffer from various pains, and migraines are the worst one of them. In order to get rid of the pain, people use Aspirin, but for some of them, this doesn’t seem to do the trick. Well, thankfully for them, there is a new game-changer in town, and it is going to change this game completely. It is called Electronic Aspirin, and it blocks the SPG signals that are usually the very first sign of a migraine. This implant gets implanted in the upper gum of the patient, and could help them get rid of those annoying headaches.

If you are a diabetic, than you are most likely already used to the constant stabbing, and getting various needles inside you. But, what if you can’t stand the needles, but you still need to get better? Well, then you could use the needle-free diabetic care, that is being developed for exactly those kind of people – who need to medicate themselves every single day, but just can’t do it. Well, now you can, because there are no needles, and you can fight diabetes with greater ease.

Also, when you are home-medicated, you don’t have a doctor by your side at all times. One might pop up to pay you a visit and check you up, but that happens very rarely. What to do then? Well, soon we will have robotic check-ups, during which the machine will be able to tell you how exactly you’re doing (in a medical sense) and if there is something wrong with you. It will also be good for fighting hypochondriacs who constantly think that they are sick.

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