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Healthy workout 25 Minute of HIIT Tabata

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Healthy workout 25 Minute HIIT Tabata Workout

Hello friends!! Happy Monday

Today I’m posting a workout to help you with your daily health and fitness goals.

Yesterday I completed a super awesome tabata workout in my basement. I wanted to share it with you guys because I found it very challenging and I felt like I got an amazing workout in 25 minutes.

Um, all I have to say is that tabata workouts are seriously intense. I always breathe so hard during them and I sweat like crazy. This particular workout that I made up was even more challenging because of all the plyometric type moves! I’m going to provide links to pages that describe some of the exercises.


Exercise descriptions:
One-legged burpees X10
Push-up spiderman X10
Jumping front kicks
Skaters (they are also called lateral bounds)
Plank jacks
Long jump forward, 2 jumps back
Squat kicks x20
Clap push-ups on bench x10
There ya go! All of those links either have good descriptions, pictures, or videos of the moves 😀 . If you guys ever try this workout…or any of my workouts, let me know what you think!


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