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5 of the best health and fitness devices

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Fitness devices were not present earlier and not even popular devices. However, today they have become an essential part of fitness lovers. These devices are the popular way to watch the fitness activity and success of the users. These wearable devices are now common among people and they are taking its complete help. But, not all devices work accurately or give the accurate data required to track your success. Therefore, one should know what kind of devices are the good buy for tracking their fitness success. Hundreds of such devices and products are available so you would get confused. But, when you are here then you will get complete help from us.

Smart watches, trackers, and some applications are very useful for you. The devices are good to monitor your heart rate, sleep tracking and other parameters of your body to suggest you activities to be done. Still, improvement has to be done in these devices to give you 100% accuracy.

A fitness tracker is a popular choice among buyers. And if you are going to buy this amazing fitness device then you should be careful about some points. Some trackers come as smart watches while other is wristbands. Just attach them to your ankle or wear it on your arm or hand and monitor your activity. However, not every tracker supports applications. Therefore, you should ask these questions before you buy a fitness tracker of a popular or a local brand.

Ask these questions:

What about apps? A tracker works with the help of the application. If the software is very good then tracking and monitoring will become faster and easier. If the software is not good and work slows then the tracking will be slow and may be inaccurate.

What can it track? Most of the trackers available calculate calorie during the cycling or running. Many of them don’t track it when you are doing exercises such as boxing, swimming, weightlifting and more. the advance tracker that has inbuilt GPS can track the location as a well. However, it will increase the price. You can track sleep, step count and heart rate from the tracker.

Some also come with applications that can track your eating habits. It will let you check your calories intake and let you control your diet.

Tracker checklist:

  • Some trackers are either simple dongles or have the built-in watch. Some may work with your smartphone while others don’t. So, decide whether you want a watch or no watch tracker.
  • Check the battery life of the tracker so that you can use it for a long time. The best trackers can work for six months.
  • The tracker accuracy is all that matters. However, you may not get a tracker that gives 100% accurate result but buy one that offers a close result. Inaccurate results will affect your fitness activities and goal.
  • Waterproofing is another feature of a tracker but not all trackers are waterproofed. So, if you are a swimmer then only choose tracker with waterproofing.

So, check these features and ask these questions before you buy a fitness tracker.


Dietitian Series: Nutrition Spotlight on Figs

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Nutrition Spotlight on Figs


With Christmas over and New year on the way we thought it would be a good time to do a healthy food series.

We are very excited to share with you our new healthy eating series! We’re going to call it Dietitian Dishin’ and we will focus on the basics of food, cooking, and nutritional values in food! We strongly believe that healthy eating starts in the kitchen, and although you don’t need to be a chef in the kitchen, you should have a few skills to be successful with health and nutrition goals! Join us as we share a few simple tips and favorite tools in the kitchen. Today, let’s continue on with one of our favorite segments, where we introduce you to different foods. Some may be common, others less used.

This week we’re focusing on the beautiful fig! I’ll be honest, with the exception of a handful of dried figs, I’d never bought fresh figs before last week. Although I’d been keeping an eye out for them at the farmers market. Unfortunately, the one and only fig vendor was selling his figs (a very small container) for $6 each. I was excited to try them, but there are few foods I’d pay that much for….. Luckily Trader Joes had gorgeous dark figs for 1/2 the price of what I saw at the local farmers market. Ideally I’d buy all my food local, but the reality is that I live in Utah, not California, so TJs figs it is, was, and they were delish!

What to Buy:

Soft fruit. The skin is very fragile and tears easily. The color will vary depending on the variety.

How to Store:

Refrigerate for up to 5-7 days, freeze for up to 6 months.


Good source of dietary fiber, magnesium, calcium, phytochemicals, and potassium.

How to Eat:

Fig & Nut Power Bars

We will post health and Nutritious foods in our future series.

Health And Fitness Fads.

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What to believe and what to bag when it comes to new products, DVDs or workout trends

It's 2 a.m. on a sleepless night and you're hypnotized by an infomercial for the Ab Belt.

While you're chowing down midnight munchies in bed, you become totally convinced that yes, £19.95 is indeed worth the price of a sexy six-pack. You spend money you don't have, use it for three weeks and then it sits in your closet to take up space for eternity.

If any of that sounds familiar, stop suffering at the hands of bullshit marketing. You're better than that.

Yes, there are so many different workouts, devices and doodads to choose from, it's hard to tell what's a passing fad and what will actually get you fit. How's a girl to know what's fact and what's fiction? After all, if you're gonna spend an evening sweating from something other than sex, it damn well better be worth it. Today we spoke with Fitness experts London Personal Trainer UK and asked them about fitness Fads.

“As Seen on TV”

As much as you'd like to believe you can get abs like Misty and Kerri by wrapping a gizmo around your tummy while sitting on your ass, it ain’t gonna happen. Between the Shake Weight, sauna suits and Thigh Masters, it seems there's no get-fit-quick gadget we won’t try. Americans spend over £30 billion a year on weight loss products. That’s a serious hit to the bank account when it doesn't make a dent in your waistline. Here's the thing: Gadgets may help out a bit, but there's no replacement for actually moving your own body weight (read: exercise) to get fit. Just because something has that "As Seen on TV" sticker, that doesn't mean it's credible. Plenty of idiots can invent a product and market it on TV. Plenty of idiots watch TV. Catch our drift?

Too Good to Be True

Like beautiful men that always turn out to be gay, if a program or fad seems too good to be true, it probably is. There's no “secret formula," “magic pill” or 10-minute workout that will help you lose 80 pounds (or even five). Results take hard work, discipline and sweat—there is no shortcut. Whether it's your workout or your diet, depriving yourself in one area and concentrating entirely on another is not the way to see results.

Back to Basics,

Rather than chasing the latest and greatest, stick to the tried and true. Want washboard abs? Stay away from the processed food, do crunches or take a Pilates lesson. Want slim legs and a nice, round tush? Do lunges, run stairs or try sprints in the sand. Think that new halter top will look drop-dead gorgeous with sexy shoulders? Do lateral raises or shoulder presses using small weights or bands. Push ups and chest presses will give your bust a boost better than any miracle bra.

1-2-3 Injury

Along the same lines, if you're tantalized by a popular fad, do your homework. Make sure the instructors or creators actually have kinesiology degrees and are certified to tell you what the hell to do. Is the workout something feasible for your lifestyle? Do you actually know anyone that has gotten results using it? Is it appropriate for your body type or fitness level? While many of the popular workouts nowadays (bootcamp, P90X, etc.) are awesome for getting results, a lot of them require you to push very hard. For newbies or people that aren't in shape, this often spells disaster in the form of injuries from overusing muscles or training too hard, too fast.

Stick With What Works

It’s fine to mix it up with new equipment, workouts and training plans. A friend invites you to a new fitness class at her gym, so give it a try. You feel like you need to limber up and want to incorporate some yoga into your life, so absolutely do it. Just remember that no single product or routine will “revolutionize” you or help that one little problem area, no matter what it is.

In a culture where we're taught to be perfect, like, now, don't forget that simple tweaks to your day—walking to the store, riding your bike with the kids—will help you stay slim naturally, no straining required. Just keep eating healthy, feeling happy and staying on the move.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. A perfect booty might take a while.

Healthy workout 25 Minute of HIIT Tabata

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Healthy workout 25 Minute HIIT Tabata Workout

Hello friends!! Happy Monday

Today I'm posting a workout to help you with your daily health and fitness goals.

Yesterday I completed a super awesome tabata workout in my basement. I wanted to share it with you guys because I found it very challenging and I felt like I got an amazing workout in 25 minutes.

Um, all I have to say is that tabata workouts are seriously intense. I always breathe so hard during them and I sweat like crazy. This particular workout that I made up was even more challenging because of all the plyometric type moves! I’m going to provide links to pages that describe some of the exercises.


Exercise descriptions:
One-legged burpees X10
Push-up spiderman X10
Jumping front kicks
Skaters (they are also called lateral bounds)
Plank jacks
Long jump forward, 2 jumps back
Squat kicks x20
Clap push-ups on bench x10
There ya go! All of those links either have good descriptions, pictures, or videos of the moves :D . If you guys ever try this workout…or any of my workouts, let me know what you think!


Innovations in Medicine

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Innovations in Medicine

Ever since the very dawn of our civilization, we’ve had people whose task was healing other people and making them feel better when they get sick. With the advancements in our civilization, there came advancements in our medicine, and the people whose task was healing other people found new ways of doing that, and new tools that could help them with that task. Further down the line, this advancement led to the establishment of real medicine as we know it today, and this field of science is what we need to thank for millions and millions of people healed throughout the years.
This modern medicine is not without its flaws, and it is clear that it needs to be advanced even more. And as we speak, there are people who deal with this, and could help the medicine reach new limits. They are responsible for the faster and safer healing, and it is thanks to them that today we have some of these advances in our medicine.
We all know that melanoma can be very dangerous and even deadly, and in order to know which moles we have are dangerous and which are not, we used to have to undergo a surgery or a biopsy. Nowadays, doctors have a new tool that does a multispectral analysis of the morphology of our tissue, and that can decide which moles are dangerous for you, and which of them are not. Thanks to this dandy tool, we can get an answer rather fast, and will not have to undergo any surgeries.
stethoscopeSome people suffer from various pains, and migraines are the worst one of them. In order to get rid of the pain, people use Aspirin, but for some of them, this doesn’t seem to do the trick. Well, thankfully for them, there is a new game-changer in town, and it is going to change this game completely. It is called Electronic Aspirin, and it blocks the SPG signals that are usually the very first sign of a migraine. This implant gets implanted in the upper gum of the patient, and could help them get rid of those annoying headaches.
If you are a diabetic, than you are most likely already used to the constant stabbing, and getting various needles inside you. But, what if you can’t stand the needles, but you still need to get better? Well, then you could use the needle-free diabetic care, that is being developed for exactly those kind of people – who need to medicate themselves every single day, but just can’t do it. Well, now you can, because there are no needles, and you can fight diabetes with greater ease.
Also, when you are home-medicated, you don’t have a doctor by your side at all times. One might pop up to pay you a visit and check you up, but that happens very rarely. What to do then? Well, soon we will have robotic check-ups, during which the machine will be able to tell you how exactly you’re doing (in a medical sense) and if there is something wrong with you. It will also be good for fighting hypochondriacs who constantly think that they are sick.