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Health And Fitness Fads.

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What to believe and what to bag when it comes to new products, DVDs or workout trends

It’s 2 a.m. on a sleepless night and you’re hypnotized by an infomercial for the Ab Belt.

While you’re chowing down midnight munchies in bed, you become totally convinced that yes, £19.95 is indeed worth the price of a sexy six-pack. You spend money you don’t have, use it for three weeks and then it sits in your closet to take up space for eternity.

If any of that sounds familiar, stop suffering at the hands of bullshit marketing. You’re better than that.

Yes, there are so many different workouts, devices and doodads to choose from, it’s hard to tell what’s a passing fad and what will actually get you fit. How’s a girl to know what’s fact and what’s fiction? After all, if you’re gonna spend an evening sweating from something other than sex, it damn well better be worth it. Today we spoke with Fitness experts London Personal Trainer UK and asked them about fitness Fads.

“As Seen on TV”

As much as you’d like to believe you can get abs like Misty and Kerri by wrapping a gizmo around your tummy while sitting on your ass, it ain’t gonna happen. Between the Shake Weight, sauna suits and Thigh Masters, it seems there’s no get-fit-quick gadget we won’t try. Americans spend over £30 billion a year on weight loss products. That’s a serious hit to the bank account when it doesn’t make a dent in your waistline. Here’s the thing: Gadgets may help out a bit, but there’s no replacement for actually moving your own body weight (read: exercise) to get fit. Just because something has that “As Seen on TV” sticker, that doesn’t mean it’s credible. Plenty of idiots can invent a product and market it on TV. Plenty of idiots watch TV. Catch our drift?

Too Good to Be True

Like beautiful men that always turn out to be gay, if a program or fad seems too good to be true, it probably is. There’s no “secret formula,” “magic pill” or 10-minute workout that will help you lose 80 pounds (or even five). Results take hard work, discipline and sweat—there is no shortcut. Whether it’s your workout or your diet, depriving yourself in one area and concentrating entirely on another is not the way to see results.

Back to Basics,

Rather than chasing the latest and greatest, stick to the tried and true. Want washboard abs? Stay away from the processed food, do crunches or take a Pilates lesson. Want slim legs and a nice, round tush? Do lunges, run stairs or try sprints in the sand. Think that new halter top will look drop-dead gorgeous with sexy shoulders? Do lateral raises or shoulder presses using small weights or bands. Push ups and chest presses will give your bust a boost better than any miracle bra.

1-2-3 Injury

Along the same lines, if you’re tantalized by a popular fad, do your homework. Make sure the instructors or creators actually have kinesiology degrees and are certified to tell you what the hell to do. Is the workout something feasible for your lifestyle? Do you actually know anyone that has gotten results using it? Is it appropriate for your body type or fitness level? While many of the popular workouts nowadays (bootcamp, P90X, etc.) are awesome for getting results, a lot of them require you to push very hard. For newbies or people that aren’t in shape, this often spells disaster in the form of injuries from overusing muscles or training too hard, too fast.

Stick With What Works

It’s fine to mix it up with new equipment, workouts and training plans. A friend invites you to a new fitness class at her gym, so give it a try. You feel like you need to limber up and want to incorporate some yoga into your life, so absolutely do it. Just remember that no single product or routine will “revolutionize” you or help that one little problem area, no matter what it is.

In a culture where we’re taught to be perfect, like, now, don’t forget that simple tweaks to your day—walking to the store, riding your bike with the kids—will help you stay slim naturally, no straining required. Just keep eating healthy, feeling happy and staying on the move.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. A perfect booty might take a while.

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